Terms of Service


  • i-Repair warrants all repairs, parts, and used/refurbished devices we offer free of defects and workmanship for 60 days of purchase.

  • It is the customer’s responsibility to return the device for inspection within the time frame if any defect related to the repair may arrive.

  • Warranty will VOID if the unit shows evidence of any misuse or mishandling, including but not limited to being tampered with (broken seal), being damaged as a result of excessive corrosion; or current, heat, moisture or vibration; improper specification; misapplication; abuse or other operating conditions outside of i-Repair’s control.

  • We do not warranty any part provided by the customer that is not otherwise provided by us and you are still required to pay the original labor cost in the case that your part is defective.

  • We do not warranty any part sold by i-Repair, if another party other than i-Repair installs it.

  • Warranty on software will also VOID if the customer’s device’s software is modified outside of factory restoring, such as rooting, jailbreaking, unlocking bootloaders, custom ROMs, or custom recoveries.  


  • i-Repair refuses to buy devices that are reported lost, stolen, or locked to the point of not being unusable.

  • All customers are required to provide proof of full name, phone number, address, and photo ID in order to sell a device.

  • Understand that we offer less than worth of the item in order to profit from reselling and refurbishing the device.  We also reserve the right cancel any previous offers upon inspecting the device as prices are always changing.


  • i-Repair reserves the right to refuse to unlock any phones that are blacklisted or being financed.  We do not unlock phones that are iCloud locked.  All unlocks, depending on the status, phone, and carrier can range between one minute to one month to fully complete.

  • If you choose to pay after the service is complete, we will keep the device until it is finished.  If you wish to keep your device while the service is being processed, paying first is required.  In certain situations and devices, the option to keep the device is not available due the need to have the device present during the unlocking process.


  • All customers are required to pay a $35 labor cost for liquid damage treatment, despite if the repair is successful or not.

  • Understand that liquid can damage any part of a phone.  We are unable to provide an estimate cost until inspecting the device.

  • i-Repair does does not offer any warranty for liquid damage and does not guarantee that your device will not fail in the future.  We do not warrant any parts replaced due to water damage, but does not warranty any parts that were not replaced.


  • All purchases are final.  In the case that the item, part, or service you purchased is defective or doesn’t work,  i-Repair will exchange it for a new item.  In a rare case that the issue with the item is not resolved, a refund will be granted upon return of the item or part.


  • i-Repair is not responsible for any issues or problems you may have with a device after repairing it that is unrelated to the issue or part that was repaired or replaced. 


  • i-Repair is not responsible for any data loss as we do not check data that is on the device before repairing.  If a device requires to be restored, deleted, or reset, the customer has the right to be notified and provide consent first.

  • Customers are responsible for backing up their device prior to repairing.

  • In certain cases, you are required to provide a password or passcode to the devices or remove the lock in order to perform proper testing.


  • We do not guarantee that a device is repairable or can be repaired under any circumstances.  However, we stand behind our no fix no fee policy with exception of water damage.


  • All repair time estimates are estimates only. Understand the repair or delivery time of a part can come sooner or later than previously estimated within a reasonable range.

  • Devices that are left unclaimed for over 60 days past the completion notice will become property of i-Repair and will be resold or used for parts.

  • Special-ordered parts that are left unclaimed for over 60 days past the arrival notice will become property of i-Repair and will be resold, returned, or used on another device.  No refunds of deposits will be granted.


  • i-Repair only carries parts in stock for the most popular mobile devices such as, iPhones and Samsung S Series. All special orders will gladly be placed upon receiving a 50% deposit of the total repair cost, or leaving the device under our possession.

  • Orders cannot be canceled or refunded.

  • Most orders arrive in 3 to 5 weekdays but can arrive sooner or later within a reasonable time.


  • i-Repair is not responsible for voiding any warranties provided by the original manufacturer. In fact, almost all manufacturer warranties are voided upon opening the devices.


  • You recognize that i-Repair is an independent, third party repair company not affiliated with any original manufacturer. Like any repair provider outside the original manufacturer, we do not always have access to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts.

  • You recognize that after any service is performed, the damaged parts that are replaced during service become property of i-Repair. Upon payment for any repair or service, you forfeit any claim on the damaged parts that were replaced during the repair or their value.


  • Paying in full after completion of service is required.  You may not leave the store with your serviced device without paying in full.  We do not offer any installment plans or financing.  Failure to pay for services will result in legal prosecution.