Samsung AMOLED Refurbishing

Why Use Us for Your Samsung AMOLED Screen Refurbishment?

i-Repair offers you an affordable and reliable refurbish service for your broken Samsung smartphone and tablet screens. We accept a range of screens, including the Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series Super AMOLED, Super AMOLED Plus, Full HD Super AMOLED and Quad HD Super AMOLED displays. 

Why Refurbish- and Why Choose Us?

Refurbishing Samsung OLED and AMOLED screens has been mainstream for a long time- far longer, in fact, than doing the same thing to iPhone LCD displays has been.

One major reason for this is the high cost of replacement AMOLED displays that makes refurbishing more economically worthwhile.

Another is the fact that OLED and AMOLED screens don’t require a backlight, unlike (e.g.) the majority of iPhone screens that use backlit LCDs. This means they can be refurbished using cheap tools such as LOCA. This is an optically clear liquid glue that you spread over the AMOLED, place the new glass on top of and then cure with a UV light. Due to the low setup cost, this method is very popular with stores who refurbish the occasional screen and are happy to accept low-quality results.

However, as we refurbish screens on a much larger scale, there is a need for a more professional setup. All our Samsung OLED and AMOLED screens are refurbished using OCA. This is similar to LOCA, being that it’s an optically clear adhesive, but the difference is it can be precision-placed and doesn’t leave a mess behind the screen. The end result is of much higher quality than a LOCA-based refurbishment, and far more likely to keep your customers happy!

All this gives you the higher-quality results you’d expect from a company with years of experience in smartphone and tablet repair and refurbishment going back over a decade!

Each LCD refurbish by i-Repair uses the highest quality materials and will be warranted for a period of 12 months against any defects to workmanship and functionality of the LCD that may occur under normal use, breakages not accepted.

Don’t Sell Your iPhone Screens, Refurbish Them:

i-Repair provides professional LCD refurbishing service at a very affordable price. Rather than selling your screens, now you can have them refurbished.  No job is too large or small, our refurbishing workshop can accommodate all your screen refurbishing needs for your repair business.

All damaged LCD screens sent to us for refurbishing are inspected for functionality before any further work is done. After the initial inspection pass, your LCD will go through our glass removal phase and after the de-glassing process, the most important step is a thoroughly inspection of the LCD again for full functionality. Afterwards your LCD will go through our de-gumming stage which involves removing of the polarizer film and any existing adhesive residue.

Once we have sanitized and cleaned your LCD it will go through our SPECIALIZED RESURFACING PROCESS. This will remove minor imperfections to give your screen a flawless finish. With the refinished screen we apply premium only polarizer film, genuine Mitsubishi-250 OCA film, and the highest quality OEM glass is only used to ensure a high degree of factory fit, finish and tolerances.  Only after another quality inspection do we move on to the mid frame press in which we use high quality cold pressed adhesive to bond the mid frame to the LCD glass with minimal flexing and frame separation issues.

All LCD screens are tested FIVE TIMES throughout the entire process to ensure your LCD is returned to you fully functional. At i-Repair we go the extra mile to ensure that our customers are getting the highest grade service and parts for their money. We strive to continually perfect our techniques which you will see in the finished product. Rest assure in knowing that we provide a true LCD refurbish service.

Which iPhone screen models are you providing service for?
  • We are offering LCD refurbishing for the following models:  iPhone 6, 6plus, 6S, 6Splus, iPhone 7 screens, Samsung all Galaxy S series.

Do you refurbish both Original and Aftermarket Screens?
  • At this time we will be refurbishing Original screens only.  The aftermarket products are very poor in quality and to prevent high defect rates, we will only refurbish original screens.

  • In the event we find you sent in aftermarket parts, we will send those back to you.

What is the turnaround time to get screens refurbished?
  • We will need to know the volume of screens you send in to determine the time but on average, we estimate 1 week delivery time.

What happens to the broken screens you discover in our shipment?
  • Once we receive your broken screens, we will test each unit and if we discover any of them to be defective, we will return those back to you.

  • We ask our students to mark each screen (use a sharpie and put in your initials on the back of the screen) so in the event we need to send the defective parts back to you, you will know it is your part.

Where do we send the screens to get refurbished?
  • After you follow the packing instructions and properly marking your screens, you can ship them to our workshop in Doncaster.